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Hello friends, in this blog you will learn how to create a Neumorphism registration form using html and CSS. We have already made a Neumorphism registration form which you can read by clicking on this link. This registration form has been given a white Neumorphism registration form design which you will learn to create easily.

If you are new in this field, you are learning a webdesign, then this registration form will be useful for you, which you will learn to create with the help of html and css.

You can see in this image this is a Neumorphism registration form designed using the source code of html or CSS which you will learn how to create it. The registration form is written source code inside the form tag and has input fields such as name, password, username, email, etc .. designed by Neumorphism. And two buttons have been placed in this form, a register and reset have been created, if you fill the form and click on the reset button, the form resets, you will learn to create this form.

 Registration Form Using Html And CSS Source Codes

First of all, we know about the code in html of this registration form form. We have taken a div inside the body whose class name is warpper. Another div is taken inside this div, whose class name is given main. First inside this class An h1 tag is taken. The h1 tag is called the largest heading tag. This tag is used for heading something.

A form tag is taken under h1 whose method = "POST" is taken inside this form Six p tag is taken inside all p tag input tag is taken and inside three input type = "text" is given. And three is given type = "email" two is given type = "password" and all these p tags are named class named intpt

A div is taken under the p tag, whose two p tags are taken inside the class name bott in div. The p tag is used for paragraphs. This is a block element. Input is also taken inside this tag, in which one Type submit and another is type reset and the class name is given inside both these inputs.

After this, now we know about the style of css, like always, this time also the page margin: 0; padding: 0; box-sizing: border-box; After this, the class warpper has been given width height and background-color with color on the entire page, after which all other tags are also designed like a form giving similar style.

This form is not designed in response, to design it in response, you can style it by using the @ media screen to give the size of the device that this form can be used in response. If you have knowledge of JavaScript or Python then you can use this form in your website.

If you are having trouble in understanding this registration form, then you can understand by watching the video of this registration form which is given below video tutorial, you can easily click it.

Video Tutorial of Registration Form Using Html And CSS

You must have understood by watching this video tutorial that it has been designed from html and CSS which Neumorphism registration form attracts to see, I hope you have understood this and learned how to source this registration form. has been applied.

If you like this Neumorphism White registration form, then you can get the source code of this registration form which is given below two files only one html and CSS code file which you copy these two files and paste in your file. Make it easier for you to understand



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