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Hello friends, today in this blog you will learn how to create Animated Glowing Login Form using html and CSS. You may have seen different login forms designed, but you will learn how to create a shiny input in this blog and with the help of buttons html and CSS.

Login Form : Let us know what the login form is and what it is used for. A login form is used to access a restricted page or form. The login form contains a field for the username and password that the user uses that Fields reach the restricted page or form. The login form is basically a record form like a search form.

Whether you are viewing this image or created using only html and CSS, this login form has been glowing the input field border with CSS animation, clicking on the input field, it starts glowing on the board and Login Moving the mouse to the submit button of the form is glowing, if you have a good knowledge of html and CSS or you are learning now, then this login form will be helpful.

If you are having trouble in understanding this login form, then you can understand by watching the video of this login form, you can easily understand how the code of this form has been used by watching the video of this login form. You can see the video of this login form by going down

Video Tutorial of Animated Glowing Login Form

I hope that you have understood by watching this login form tutorial.We mean to say that by looking at the source code of the login form, you must have understood how to use html or CSS code.

Login Form In HTML and CSS Source Codes

First of all we know about the code of Login Form's html. We have written this tag inside the body. Inside the body tag, we have taken a form tag whose class name is box is written inside this form tag with a h1 tag and three inputs. The tag is taken h1 tag is called the largest heading which is written as someone's heading and inside this heading we have written text whose name is login.

After this, h1 is the three input tags below which type text is written inside the first input tag. Type text is used to write the name in the input field and the placeholder name of this input is username and inside it is also given the class name. Whose class name is usid

Inside the second input, we took the input type password and also placed the placeholder password and its class name is given usid. Finally, the third input has the type submit and value login, and the class name of this input is buttoned. This Sub Login form Know about html tag

We know about the css style of the login form. We have first given the margin and padding to the body zero and font-family background-color, after this body tag the class box is width height background-color border border-radius box-shadow text -Aligned etc. After this box h1 uppercase the color font-weight and text-transform, after this the usid is also designed by styling the size color and the class usid is glowing which you clicked in the input field If we do it starts glowing

If you are aware of JavaScript and Python, then you can put this login form in the blog or website, which you will be attracted to see a glowing login page in the website and blog. By styling it in the @ media screen, you can design it by styling it in different devices, which you can easily see in every device by designing it in its mobile laptop and tab which is called responsive. Can also be used in the device

If you like this Animation login form, you can get its source code. This login form is given below two files, one html code file and the other CSS code file. Scroll and copy both these files and paste them in your file. With these two files you will understand very helpful hog and you will learn to create a logging form.



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