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Hello friends, in this blog you will learn how to make a product card using html and css. Most of the people like the product card which is very good looking and attractive which you can use a beautiful product using html and css. Will learn how to make cards.

You must know what a product card is and what it is used for, you can see it in the image below. A product card designed for Nike shoes is called a product card.

You will see a lot of product cards designed on the shopping website, most of which will be either designed with JavaScript and jquery. But you will easily learn to design using html and css which will look beautiful.

As you can see in the image above, a product card is designed using only html and CSS, in which you size, buy and add cart are designed with CSS and two colors are added to the background of this card. Which looks more beautiful

 Product Card Design In Html And CSS Source Codes

First of all we know about the html code of the product card. We took the div inside the body tag, whose class name is card and gave two div inside this div, named class left and right, took an img tag inside the class left. The img tag is called the image tag. It is used to link the image to the web page, inside which the link address of the image is given, inside this img is given the link of the shoes which you are seeing in the image above.

A div is taken inside the class right whose class name is product-info, inside this product-info, first a div is taken whose class name is product-name and inside this div an h1 tag is taken. The largest tag of the heading is called and three i tags are taken under this tag. The i tag is used for the icon within which all those icons are linked by giving the class name.

A div has been taken under the class product-info, whose class name is named details, the first h3 tag is taken under this div and the text is written inside this tag and the h2 tag is taken under it and under the h2 tag The following two h1 tags are taken inside the text.

Ul tag is taken under class name details ul tag is called unordered tag under this ul six tag is taken li tag is called list style inside which size and size number is written

Another ul tag has been taken under this ul and li tag is written inside it, color and class name yellow black and blue is written inside this li tag. And below this, two span tags have been taken, whose class name is named foot. This span also has an i tag, inside which the class name of the icon is given.

If you are having difficulty in understanding, then you can see the tutorial of the below product card, whose link we have given below, by watching this video, you will easily understand the source code of the design of this card.

Video Tutorial of Product Card Design In Html And CSS

I hope that by looking at the tutorial of this product card, you will understand how the design code of this card is designed by writing, you are seeing in the image above that this design was designed only with the help of html and css If you are in this in the beginning then it will be very helpful for you or tutorial

This product card is not designed to be responsive. To view this product card in mobile or tab, using @ media screen, you will have to style each device by giving different sizes, so that you can easily see this card in mobile and tab. If you have good knowledge of JavaScript or Python, then you can use this card in shopping website.

The following two files are given in this product card, one is html code file and the other is CSS code file which you can copy and paste these files into your file. You can download the shoes image of this product card from the download link below.



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