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Hello friends, today you will learn how to create Social Menu Hover Effect using html or CSS, we have shared social menu with the help of html and CSS which you can easily understand and create this social menu, it is just a design Which you can not use it in the website, it has been created for a formality, you can move forward by creating such social menus.

 Social Menu : As you might know what is the use of social menu in a website, social menu is used in a website when a reader is reading a post on the website and after reading the post, then share it below. Social menu is given, such as Facebook, twitter etc .. there is a menu of the social media on which to share this post, and share it on the media, hence the social menu is used in the website. Land

You can see in this image that a simple social menu is designed using html or CSS. This menu is designed only for the purpose of a design. There is no function and integration of this social menu. Or designed only with the help of html or CSS

If you are having difficulties in understanding this social menu, then you can understand it by watching the video of this social menu design, its video tutorial is given below.

Video Tutorial Of Social Menu Hover Effect

I am sure you must have liked this video after watching it as if it is designed using only html and CSS. I mean to say that you would have learned to make it easily using html and CSS. You are in the beginning and you know html and CSS then you must have understood it easily.

social menu Hover Effect Source Codes

First of all we know about the html tag of the social menu Hover Effect, we have taken a div inside the body named class main and inside this div, a tag is taken with a tag called an anchor tag and it is an inline element which This is printed in a single line, so this tag is called inline element.

These anchor tags are now named class, which is named nav-link. Anchor tag has three span tags inside all, and a single class name is given inside all span, add to active class in fourth of a tag. An anchor tag has been taken within an earlier span of an anchor tag, an i tag has been used for the icon, and a class in the i tag has been linked to link this icon to the class name. This icon has been purchased in print on its system. The class name fa fa-user is given inside the i tag of the first span which is used for the user icon.

And below this span, ek and span tag is taken. Tell about span tag. This is an inline tag which prints the text on the same line when used, so span tag is also called inline tag and span The text is written inside the second, the name of the text is written for the name of the icon named Profile and another span tag is used below the second span, again using the i tag in this The class name of i tag is given fa fa-angle-right, but the class of it is given inside all a tag which you are seeing in the image.

Anchor number second also has an i tag of the first span, inside which the class name is fa fa-facebook, this class name is printed on Facebook's icon page and inside the third a tag also i tag inside the span Taken with the class name fa fa-twitter, this name shows the Twitter icon and similarly the class names of the i tags are fa fa-instagram and fa fa-cog within the span of the other two anchor tags that you Looking in the image

know about css style of social menu Hover Effect. The most worn body tag is styled with zero margin and padding font-family name 'Merriweather sans', arial, verdana; Given a margin padding is zero, which takes the tag space of the html and after zeroing in the css, the space expires and the font name of the font-family name browser has its own font on top. The font family is used to display the second font, followed by background-color.

After this the class main is designed by giving widht margin-left background-color border-radius overflow and box-shadow styling. Like this class all other tags and classes have been designed by giving style and hovering over it. Is that when moving the mouse over the icon, it starts hovering. If you are learning html and css or you have learned, then it will be very interesting for you that you will learn to create this type of menu.

If you liked this social menu, then you can get the source code of this social menu for free, to get it, two files have been given below. Html code file and CSS code file by copying both these files into your file. Paste it.



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